Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Free Easter Printables

Happy Wednesday! I hope all of you are enjoying your Spring and getting ready for Easter. 
If not, don't worry...Julie and I are here to help you with cute and simple ideas.
Today I am going to make it as simple as a 'click' & 'print' by sharing with you these Easter printables.

I had fun creating these for you.  I hope you enjoy them and are able to find the perfect one for your home décor.
(Next week I will share with you how to make the egg tree)

Here are 4 I created with a religious theme...

And here are 4 I created with a non-religious theme. 
This way you can choose décor style!

Click on the printable of your choice, choose the size you want in your printer's settings and print away!


~ Kerri


  1. Thank you so much for creating these so we can use them too. I love them!

  2. LOVE these! The colors are great too! :)