Monday, July 29, 2013

Julie's Craft Room

Today I am going to share with you my 'Craft Room'! I have to say, "this one project was the reason I considered creating this blog".  This room is in our basement and was originally my oldest son's (Tim) bedroom (he is now married and starting his Senior year in college), then it turned into my second son's (Tyler) bedroom (he moved down there within a week after his brother left for college)!  When Tyler moved out to go to college we told our daughter (Madi)...NO!  We were not moving her room down there!  She was fine with that (it was a boy room anyway).  I could not find the original picture of this bedroom, so the before pictures you see are of the 'junk room' we created after Tyler moved out!
(I am sorry for the quality of the first 2 pictures)!
When we moved into our house we knew it was going to be a work in progress for a LONG time, that was 6 years ago and we are still working on it (post to come)!  This bedroom had indoor/outdoor carpet!  My husband and I scraped and sanded the floor and left it as you see!  It has an industrial feel to it!  Back to the we were cleaning the 'junk room' out, my husband told me that I should make this my craft room!  (I think he wanted the office back).  He knows me so well...I already had that in the back of my mind!  Who wouldn't want a craft room, especially one that you can close the door and leave the mess (even when you have company)!  Well needless to say (to all of you crafters out there), my wheels were spinning!  I had the colors picked out & where I was going to place everything, how I would organize the was perfect!  Craig (my husband) also saw the wheels turning & put a screeching halt to my ideas!  Well kind of...he told me I could paint if I used the 15+ gallons of paint that we had out in the garage (that was the paint I was going to use anyway)!  The next day I got started! I am sure you can only imagine how excited I was to get this room finished!  It only took me 2 days to complete the room and it was FREE!  

When Tim created his room, he wanted Dodgers colors.  We painted the entire room gray and then we added the blue and red stripes.  We were told Dodgers don't wear red, but if you are a die hard Dodgers fan you know on their home jerseys the number is in fact red!

Room in Progress!
Here is the room as I worked on it!  I painted the stripes with paint from our daughter's room (the aqua color) and the other paint is from our office! Oh and of course, a craft room wouldn't be complete without chalkboard paint!

Our house had an intercom system built in, so every room has one of these UGLY holes!  In each of the rooms we have strategically placed a picture to cover the unsightly hole.  You will see how I hid this one in the finished product! 
As I said earlier this room cost $0 to transform, because I used everything I already had!  I have a storage room in my basement and when I get sick of using or seeing something, I put it away for a while then bring it back out when I need it or miss it!  So everything you see in this room, I either had in another room or it was hiding in my storage room!  Some day I will share those treasures with you guys!

Organized closet...I still have plenty of room to fill it up with future projects!

 I wanted a change in my eating area, so I brought this table downstairs to have more room to spread out my creations!  Plus I have to have room for Tabatha!  I love the addition of it!

 All of our doors are these hollow core doors with no style!  What better way to add character than chalkboard paint? I didn't do fancy lettering because I wanted to get the post done and I need to practice!  When you come back for another visit, you never know...there might be some fancy writing!

Thanks for visiting my craft room!  I still have a couple of things to fine tune in this room & as I complete them I will be sure to share them with all of you!  
There are many more projects in the works, so make sure you come back and see our 'Snippets of Creations'!

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