Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Door Hanger

In the Fall, I shared this Owl Door Hanger tutorial (this has been our most viewed post to this day).  It was super quick and easy, so I decided I would make one for Valentine's day.  
Well, not an owl...a heart!  

Supplies Needed:
Pattern, Burlap, Fabric, Thread to match fabric, Batting, Wire, 
and Embellishments (if you want)
I made my pattern with tissue paper. It was simple, just fold it in half then trace the heart shape (you know how you used to make them when you were a kid) you want and cut.  Yes, it's that simple to make the pattern.  Once I opened it up, I had to reshape it to the size I wanted (I just did some trimming to get it there).  I wanted a longer, thinner one and a short, squatty one, so I made two different patterns.

Once you have the pattern finished, lay it on the fabric and cut.
Then, lay the heart fabric on the burlap and cut 2 pieces and make them about a half inch bigger than the fabric heart (see photo above).
 After, you have them cut out, you sew the 3 pieces together and leave an opening so you can stuff it. Stuff the heart to the puffiness you want it and then sew the opening together to complete the heart. When you are finished with the heart you need to add the wire to hang it.  I poked it through the top of the burlap and brought it up and twisted it back around itself (see owl tutorial).  For one of the hearts I added a tag that said LOVE (with Scrabble letters) and the other one I tied a bow and attached it with the cute heart brad (I got those at Hobby Lobby last year).

This project took me about 20 minutes.
So get to the fabric store and get some burlap and cute Valentine's fabric:
Make one for you and one for a friend!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY Valentine's Day Door Wreath

Last week I shared with you my DIY Interchangeable Door Wreath, and today I want to share with you how I 'changed' it to make it festive!
With Valentines Day around the corner, Julie and I will be sharing with you our décor and gift ideas.  I'm starting it out with my Valentine's Day Door Wreath...
This wreath is so simple it's scary!  Of course, it's easier if you have a Cricut or *** because that's what I used to make my banner, but if you don't, you can head to the scrapbooking section of your favorite craft store and pick up a circle cutter and sticker letters to create this same banner.
As for the red burlap rosettes, I simply made them the same way I did with the white and brown ones.  Click here for that tutorial.
Then I added some red ribbon I had and voila!

Now I need to hang it!

~ Kerri

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cupcake Tutorial

As I promised last week, the cupcake tutorial.  When I was searching for ideas for Madi's graduation party I came across this picture (on Pinterest of course) and knew Madi had to have that cupcake! I am always telling my husband, "we can make that", we did.  

Supplies Needed:
3/4 inch plywood
Corrugated Metal
Mini White Lights
Aluminum Flashing
Paint (your choice)
1/2" Screws

How to Build the Cupcake:
The first thing you need to do is draw the pattern onto your piece of wood (we just happened to have the piece of plywood lying around the garage).  I just drew the cupcake freehand with a pencil, then traced over it with a sharpie, so my husband could see the line to cut on.  
Once you have the pattern traced onto the wood, cut the cupcake out with a jigsaw. After you cut it out, you will need to sand down the edges. I also sanded the front of the board, because the wood was in pretty rough shape and I wanted it to be smooth. When finished cutting and sanding, you need to figure out the placement of the lights (we used the little twinkle lights for Christmas trees, there were 50 lights on the string). We started to measure, but the spacing just wasn't working, so we just randomly selected where we would place them (this was much better). After you mark where you want the lights, you need to drill the holes (I didn't take a picture of was entirely too COLD to go out in the garage).  My husband had to drill a couple of different times, because the holes weren't big enough at first. 
When you are done drilling, you need to paint the cupcake (not pictured).  We used Krylon spray paint  (Gum Drop), because we knew Madi would love it. We had a scrap piece of corrugated metal that we measured for the 'cupcake liner' and I painted it white.  It was a Valspar paint sample from Lowe's. Once you have it painted, you will need to attach the liner (corrugated metal) to the bottom of the cupcake with the screws.  We chose the hexagon screws with washers (see above photo). 
Now for the hard part...attaching the flashing!
This part was very challenging and a few times my husband was ready to throw in the towel, but we persevered and are glad we did! The first thing Craig did, was cut the flashing in half (we had to buy 6" flashing, because Home Depot or Lowe's did not carry the 3" in the store). The top right picture shows the first set up we had to attach the flashing, but this didn't work.  I couldn't take pictures of this process, because it was a 2 man job! We figured out that it was easiest if one of us held the cupcake while the other one drilled the screws in place. As you are screwing the flashing on, you need to make sure that it is straight.  There were a few times that we had to take the screws out because of this (above picture on the right, see how it isn't going straight?).  At the top of the cupcake when we came around the point, the flashing got off track a little bit, but it wasn't noticeable so we left it.
 After we finished it, we noticed that the back of it needed some help, so we covered the extra lights with burlap. I have to say, this project was truly a labor of LOVE!  The next time I come up with a bright idea like this, I think Craig will tell me NO! Madi loved it and that made it all worth it.  
We hope one day she will have her own cupcake shop and be able to display her cupcake there, but for now it will have to stay in her room!
 Just remember, when you see something and want to make it! Just make sure you make it your own and if it isn't working at first: persevere and keep going because the final product is usually worth it!

Friday, January 24, 2014

New Living Room Decor

Well, I almost have it all finished!  That's right, I think I'm pretty much done with my living room décor (except for one wall), so I wanted to share with you what I have so far....

As you know, we had our floors refinished, which meant, for me, I needed to update my living room décor to go with my new shiny floors.  I had already been adding the blue accent, but it was time to finish it off, so here it is!
This is one wall, the main wall, because it holds the television, which is where everything faces.  I found the blue square seat at Target and I added the other blue accents with knickknacks I found at Home Goods or had laying around.  Off to the left are the Removable Accent Shelves I did.  (click here to see how I made them). 

 This is a shot of the first thing you see when you come into the house because it's on the adjacent wall from the front door.
I found the blue 'g' at Typo, the blue lamp at Home Goods, and I made the pillow covers. You can click here to see how easy they are to make.
Now this wall is the where I'm having trouble.  I shared with you a while ago that when my niece (Julie's daughter) moved in with us that we had moved our 'office space' out into the living room, so there it is off to the right, but the wall to the left is bare because I can not figure out what I want to do with it!  Any ideas?!

I thought I would snap a quick picture of my little work space! I had these crates and  I was going to hang them on the blank wall to make shelves out of them, but I decided they would make great shelves for all my office supplies!  Maybe I'll paint them one day, but for now, I like the natural look.

And that's it!  Oh, I forgot to mention I found the rug at Home Depot!  Believe it or not, they have very reasonably-priced rugs!!!
I'm really happy with the way it has all turned out so, if I can just figure out what to do with that wall!
~ Kerri

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dessert Bar/Graduation Party!

Well, I have to say we had quite the whirlwind weekend!  
It was an exciting time for the Gastineau family...Madi graduated from baking school. We now have a pastry chef in the family! All, but one of the Gastineau's made their way to San Diego for the festivities (we missed you Ashley). It was hard to decide what kind of party to throw for her, since we live so far away and I had to plan it from 840 miles away (thank you Tammi for letting us have it at your house). Then, it came to me...what better way to celebrate a Pastry Chef, then a Dessert Bar!  I have to admit, I didn't bake the desserts and I didn't want Madi to have to bake anything (because it was her own party).  So, I went to Sam's Club and bought a few things.  
They were pretty good, but not as good as Madi's baking!
Madi had a pretty big crowd cheering her on at her graduation!  
We are all so proud of her and her accomplishment.
She already has a job at a cute little cupcake shop (lucky her dream)!
 Here are a few pictures of the dessert bar.  Like I said, I did not bake anything...I have to tell you it was very stress-free, going the store bought route.  We even had a 'Smores' station!  Smores are always a hit at any kind of party.
 There were mini lemon cupcakes, mini red velvet cupcakes, and mini cheesecakes (my favorite).  Oh, and I can't forget, the red velvet M&Ms!
 Kerri used her Cricut to cut out the letters and circles for the banner.  I just happened to find cupcake ornaments at Hobby Lobby for a couple of dollars, so we attached those to add some whimsy.  I think it turned out absolutely adorable...don't you?  I have to tell you, my favorite part was that cute little (well kind of big) cupcake marquee sign (on the left).  My husband and I made that for Madi.  I will be posting the tutorial next Monday.  It was a bit tricky to make, but I think it turned out awesome!  And, I can't forget...that mixer!  Who wouldn't want one of those to bake with?  It is a metallic purple...Madi's favorite color (as if you couldn't tell that, with all of the purple you see).
 Here is a photo of the Gastineau Family (minus 2...Brent was sick and Ashley had to work)!  It was great fun being together to celebrate Madi and her accomplishment.  I have to admit...we have a pretty awesome family & we always have a great time when we are all together.
Have a BLESSED day!
P.S. Don't forget to tune in on Monday for the Cupcake Marquee tutorial!

Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY Interchangeable Door Wreath

Today, as my journey to redecorate continues, I would like to share with your this super easy interchangeable door wreath I made! I say interchangeable because I plan to change it up a bit for every holiday throughout the year!  I know, seems like a lot of work for one door wreath, but the trick was to keep it simple and I did!

I made a door wreath for Thanksgiving (to see, click here) as well as one for Christmas (to see, click here) and I did not want to make one for every other Holiday, so this works!
I used my Cricut to make the 'hello' banner and I used blue cardstock to match the blue I am doing in my living room! Clever right?!
The burlap rosettes keep it simple to add to for either Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter or 4th of July!

Here is a quick tutorial on how I made these rosettes:
Start with a strip of burlap.  Keep in mind, the longer and wider the strip, the bigger your rosettes, so if you want different size ones, like mine above, then you will cut different size strips.
Fold your burlap strip in half...

Then, start twisting it around; kind of like a snail.

And glue as you go. Be careful not to burn happens!!!

Keep twisting and gluing until you have this!
Glue them together to create a cluster like I did, then glue it to your wreath and you're done!

~ Kerri

Friday, January 17, 2014

Family Room & Entry Way (Before & After)

I hope all of you are enjoying the new look of Snippets and I hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation of my kitchen, too!  Today, I am sharing the transformation of my living/family room and entry way.  Like I said on Monday, 'I live in a 40 year old house that has needed a lot of TLC.'  When we bought this house, it had paneling in every room and not only was it was all different colors!
I know, can you say...UGLY!  That's exactly what it was...UGLY!  
But, I think we have done an amazing job transforming our house into a HOME!

This was the only picture I could find of the living room and it just happened to have Tim (he is my oldest...who is now 21!) in it. Our living/family room had heavy drapes, dirty carpet, dingy white walls, and of course paneling (not pictured).  It was ridiculously UGLY!
 This was the entry way to our home...not very welcoming!  Do you see what I mean about the different colored paneling? It was everywhere. This is the closet we closed in to open on the other side for the pantry.

 Here is another angle of the living/family room and entry way. That cute kid back there is Tyler (who is now 19 almost 20). I know what you are thinking...what in the world did these people see in this house?  At times, we have thought that ourselves! But the results you are about to see will convince you, otherwise.

I told would be AMAZED at the transformation!
Now, do you see why we bought this gem of a house?
 I have to say, I LOVE it!

Obviously, we painted, added wood flooring (the whole house has wood flooring, except the bathrooms & laundry room), put new baseboards, and I hung simple window coverings.
As you can see in the photo above, the big wall is a blue and this back wall to the family room is a taupe and the below picture shows the light blue color of the built in hutch. So I have 3 different colors in this room, but it works well. These were Martha Stewart paint colors (I couldn't find the names) from the same paint chip.  I think that is why they work so well together.
I couldn't find a before picture of this hutch, but let me tell was HIDEOUS (just like the rest of the house).  It was a dark brown stain and the 2 top doors had yellow plastic in them.  
Obviously, I painted it, put glass in place of the ugly yellow plastic, and I changed the knobs on it. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the brown laminate. Sometimes, I think I want tile, but recently, I was thinking about pallet wood and using an aging effect on them. When I figure it out, I will definitely be sharing it with all of you!  
I think our entry way is a lot more welcoming, now that we have transformed it! Don't you?
Like I said in my previous post, we have put a lot of sweat equity, money, and TLC into our house and we have made it a beautiful HOME (at least I think so).  There are some things I would like to change, now that we are almost done (isn't that how it always goes?); but they are minor decorating features.
I am ready to add some new colors into each room, so I plan on adding new pillows, rugs, pictures, and other inexpensive decorative items! Don't worry, I will share them with might take a while though, so please be patient!
Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DIY Removable Accent Shelves/Bookcase

Last week I shared with you the DIY Throw Pillow Covers I made which was the first part of my 'Living Room Redecorating' project.  I hope you had a chance to check it out and maybe even attempt some for your home!

Today I would like to share with you the shelves I redecorated using the same material from the pillow covers!

Our home came with these recessed shelves/bookcase, which was a selling point for me because it showed character! We painted them white and stacked books on them.  I had a few photos, but I felt it was time to change it up! I had seen where people had put color on the back wall of the shelves and I loved the idea, but I didn't want to do something permanent, just in case I changed my mind again in a few months...hehe!

So, let me share with you how to make these removable accent shelves...

You will need the following:

- White Foam/Poster Board
- Material of your choice
- Tape Measure
- Cutting Mat
- Ruler
- Rotary Cutter
- Adhesive Spray

First, you need to measure your shelves width and height and then cut your foam/poster board to those measurements.  I used my sewing cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter because I feel that's the easiest way for me to get an even cut, but you may have a different method.

Next, you need to cut your material. You will need to lay the board onto the material and add cut the material about 2 inches wider than the board for all the edges.

After you have cut your material, it would be best to iron the piece.  You will want them to be as smooth as possible in order to make it easier to apply them to the foam/poster board.

Now you're ready to apply the material to the board!
I did this in two sections in order to make it easier to lay the material as flat as possible.
I sprayed the adhesive on the left side of the board first and laid the whole piece of material on top of the board - centered. I then smoothed out the left side where I had sprayed the adhesive.

Then, I sprayed the rest of the board and smoothed out the rest of the material on top of that.

Next, I flipped the board over and sprayed the edge pieces and folded them over the board.

I folded the long ends first....

Then I folded the short ends.

Here is what they look like when they are finished.

Next, slide them onto the back of the shelf and add your décor!

I am so happy with this project!  I really feel it adds that pop of color to the shelves! No more plain white!  The best part is it's the same color as my throw pillows!

Happy Creating!

~ Kerri

Monday, January 13, 2014

Kitchen (Before & After)

WARNING: This is a VERY long post! 
But, the end results are AMAZING!
For the next couple of posts I will be sharing Before & After photos of my kitchen, entry way & family room.  We have lived in our house for 6 years (in February) and have made TONS of progress in making it a home.  I have to tell you...we moved from a brand new house to a 40 year old house! 
 I know, CRAZY!  
We have put a lot of sweat equity into this place and I have to say...I absolutely love it.
So, come along and see the progress we have made over the past 6 years.  
 This kitchen was a mess...I mean look at it, a dropped ceiling with school lighting, not to mention outdated backsplash and floors.  It needed some tender loving care & we were the family for the job.
 As I said earlier, our house is 40 years old.  This means there was NO pantry.  The above picture shows the wall that we opened up for a pantry (there was a coat closet on the other side of the wall).
 I am sorry...I do not know how people lived without a pantry.  I mean, really...we had 3 teenagers at this time (do you know how much food they consume?)!
 As we were making the pantry, I housed our food on an industrial type shelf in the laundry room.  It made for easy access for food, but was not very attractive.  
The above picture shows the finished pantry.  
P.S. I love the door we chose for the pantry...don't you?

Now onto the After pictures:  
You will be amazed at the progress we have made. I know I was, as I looked back at the before photos!
As you can see, we painted the cabinets white, put in wood flooring, and got new stainless steel appliances.  We also tore down the drop ceiling and school lighting and put up a new ceiling (tutorial to come) and some track lighting.
 After I painted the cabinets, I had the doors on them. But, with all of my colorful Fiestaware I thought it would be a nice way to brighten up the space.  Of course, the other cabinets are still covered because I had to have somewhere to stuff the 'not so pretty' things!
This progress has taken many years.  We had to stop a few times, because we ran out of money and we still have a few more things to new countertops and a new sink!  
I want to do concrete countertops, but my husband says, NO!  
We will see who wins this debate (I will let you know)!
So, if you have an older home that needs some TLC...just remember, you can DO it!  
It takes a lot of time, patience, and money, but it is well worth it!
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