Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby Boy Room

Finally!!!  I completed Lucas's room!!!  I tell ya, there just isn't as much time as there used to be with a baby and toddler running around, but I was determined to get it done and I did.  Here is the tour...enjoy!

~ Crib: Babies R Us
~ Rug: Target

I had seen decals that say "Dream Big Little One," but since I call Lucas "Little Man," I went with that.  I'm not too sure about the placing of the words, but it can be read as "Dream Little Big Man," so I may move it around.  I made this using my Cricut.
I had seen this Benjamin Moore - Blue Springs color from the blog The Glitter Guide and loved it for this room!  It was similar to what was already there, but it has a little more blue in it as you can see from these pictures.  Lucas made a cameo!

 ~ Dresser: Babies R Us
~ Changing Pad: Babies R Us
~ Big Ben Moon Clock: Amazon

 I got a little artsy with the wall décor and made the "You Are Loved Always" sign as well as the yarn L.  For the sign, I painted a canvas I bought at JoAnn's gray and using my Cricut to create vinyl stencils.  I stuck the letters on the gray canvas and painted it yellow.  I did a few coats to get the shade of yellow I wanted.  Then when it dried, I peeled off the vinyl and touch it up...ta-da!
The yarn L was a little more tricky because of the shape.  I Googled some pictures to make sure I was doing it right, but I basically wrapped yellow yarn around a paper mache L I bought at JoAnn's.  Then using scraps of material I had on hand, I cut different size circles out, glued them on top of one another and topped it with a button.  I then glued that onto the L.  I feel it adds demention to it.

 This ladder was a great find!  Julie had told me about this consignment store in Phoenix called Rusty Saturday. So when I was there over Christmas I made it an appoint to go!  That's where I picked up this beauty! My justification for purchasing it was that I was going to eventually put it in Lucas's room to hang his quilts, and I did just that. 

~ Gray Black-Out Curtains: Target
~ Sheer White Curtains: IKEA
~ Glider & Footstool: Babies R Us

Lucas's room has 2 quilts that were personalized for him.  The one the left was made by my cousin.  She made my daughter one before she was born and she did the same for Lucas.  She is amazing.  She has an eye for complimenting patterns, which is helpful when you create quilts like this one!  I based the yellow in his room off this quilt.
The quilt on the right was a gift from my husband's client.  They, also, got one for my daughter when she was born.  They have their full names and birthdates on them.
Both are such wonderful keepsakes for my kiddos! 

 I'm sure you have seen recently where people have used pipes for curtain rods, so since this was my first curtain hung in the house (seriously, we don't have any curtains, just blinds!), I went with what was trending.  The best part about this is that I didn't have to paint it!!!  The dark metal matched the existing hardware in the bedroom (i.e. the doorknob and closet handles).
I didn't have a huge budget for the bedroom and my mom always taught me to use what you have, so I did just that when it came to storing the burp clothes.  I needed them to be near the glider and I just couldn't picture a little side table in that room (I felt it would break up the flow), so I had these baskets from IKEA and I put them in there!  Easy!

Finally, the last touches.  I shared the growth chart ruler with you last month.  You can click here to see how easy it is to make one of these (in fact, I just completed another one for a dear friend of mine). 
The hat rack came from Lucas's old room, which was basically a corner in my and my husband's bedroom.  To see that post, click here.  I had baskets hanging from it before, which stored the burp clothes and towels, but I needed somewhere to put all his hats, so it was perfect!
The last picture is of my baby shower invitation.  It was created by my sister & framed by my cousin and I couldn't bare to not hang it in his new room.  It's too adorable! I'm so blessed!

What I love most about this room is, of course, the baby who sleeps in it, but also how clean and fresh everything feels.  I did not want to clutter this small space, so it was nice to start with a blank canvas and only add the necessities. 
Now, onto redoing my daughter's room!

Thanks for stopping by,

~ Kerri

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  1. Thank you for the tour, Kerri! LOVE it! i LOVE the ladder and the measuring ruler, especially! You have great ideas--- and you actually carry them out! I am so impressed! :) -Tira


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