Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mini Bedroom (Wall) Makeover

I have had this ugly wall in my bedroom since we have lived here...that would be about 4 years! So I finally decided it was time to do something about it. I came up with an idea and told my husband about it and of course that evening he had it finished. I like to think I could have made the box on my own, but to be honest with you...I didn't feel like doing it!
 Do you see what I mean...that stuff is ugly, but we would have to patch the wall and then it would probably be worse. So why not make something to cover it. We have been great 'masters of disguise' when it has come to the quirkiness of this house. The light switch is ugly too, but we can't do anything about that. Well, I think I might try to paint it and put a varnish on it so it doesn't scratch off.
 The first thing I did was find the wood I wanted to use...of course it was part of an old pallet (I used the other part for Crew's Advent Calendar). We found a piece that was able to be cut into 3 pieces (the width of the area). Then Craig took an old piece of flooring and cut it to make the side pieces (2 of them). After that, he stapled the 3 pieces to each side piece and he was done! Yes, it was that fact so simple that I forgot to take pictures of that step!
After Craig hung it on the wall he hung the picture I wanted (this is one from our family photos that Kandis from Kandis Marino Photography took and then I sent it to Photobarn) on it and the 'Spooning Since' art above it. You can find the 'Spooning Since...' in my Etsy shop. It can be customized for your names and date. 
It is finally done, after all of this time and I absolutely love it. Now, I just have to do something about the light switch. I will share it when I get it done.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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