Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Printable Postage Gift Tags

A while back I was wrapping a gift for my friend's son and I thought, "How cute would it be to have a personalized gift tag?!" So, I went to work on PicMonkey and came up with this:

The gift was for a boy, so I went with brown paper wrapping paper and I thought a 'postage' tag would be suitable to go along with the it so that it looked like a package!!  Note: if it was a gift for a girl, I would have maybe painted polka dots on the paper and of course used different color baker's twine ;)
I printed them on brown paper, which you can find in the scrap booking section of your favorite craft store.  I know JoAnn's & Michael's sell it in a package in case you didn't want to buy single sheets.

I made some that say "Happy Birthday" and "For You" just in case you want to use them for a thank you gift or something other than a birthday gift!
I love how they turned out!  They are so simple and they are yours for FREE!!!
Just click on the picture below, save it to your computer, print it and cut them out!

You're Welcome!
~ Kerri

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