Friday, May 30, 2014

Prosciutto Wraped Breaded Tilapia

Happy Friday!!! 
I want to share with you an easy and delicious dinner I whipped up on this Food Frenzy Friday!
I have to admit, I'm not good at making up my own recipes.  I wish I had that talent and that pallet, but sadly, I don't.  Although, this one time, something worked...I think it was the prosciutto!  Can't go wrong with prosciutto!

Let me just tell you how to create this mouth-watering meal!
I have recently become a fan of Trader Joes frozen foods (I know, I'm a late bloomer!!) I wasn't sure how these Tilapia Fillets would taste, but so far, I have enjoyed everything I have purchased there, so it couldn't be that bad.
I remembered I had prosciutto in the fridge...I bought it while at Trader Joes not knowing what I would do with it, so I started looking around at what else I had...Ah-ha!!!  Frozen Tilapia Fillets!!

So, I wrapped 2 pieces of prosciutto around the fillets and baked them following the instructions on the box.  I chose to flip them after 10 minutes for crispier fillets (recommendation on the box!)

While that was baking, I prepared my toppings.  I figured prosciutto was more of an Italian meat, so I went with Italian ingredients for the topping.  I had feta cheese in the fridge, yay, basil in my garden, brilliant, and always on hand, I had balsamic vinegar.

I sliced up the basil and simply combined the three ingredients until it looked like this.  I didn't want it to be to balsamic tasting, so I only added enough to soak into the feta.

When my fillets were done, I transferred them to a plate and topped it with the feta mixture; added a salad and began devouring it!!!  I was pretty hungry!!!
Seriously, Trader Joes!  Go get some and make an easy dinner for your family tonight!!! 
Have a blessed weekend!
~ Kerri


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  1. Yum! I think we will have that tonight for dinner. Thanks for the great suggestion!


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