Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bathroom Rules Sign

We recently upgraded a few things in our bathroom such as the shower curtain, color scheme and sink, which I LOVE because it has drawers (our last sink was a pedestal sink). I have always wanted to get rid of my guest towel and use the guest paper towels ~ because I'm a sanitary freak ~ and this new sink allowed me to do that.
What else it allowed me to do was hang a cute bathroom rules sign on the hook where the towel used to be...

Here is my bathroom rules sign

I started by going online to find cute wording from other bathroom rule signs and this one I chose seemed to fit our family the best.  So, I typed it up on Word and added a cute clip art I also found online.  Then I found a frame I already had and began creating.
In order to match the colors in my bathroom, I spray painted the frame using Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover spray paint ~ my go-to brand!
Once it dried, I sanded it down a little bit to give it a distressed look.

Then I put it all together and added some ribbon I had to hang it and ta-da...a new bathroom rules sign that cost me zero dollars!!!
P.S. Here is my new shower curtain...yellow, white & tan!  I love the colors!!
~ Kerri

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