Monday, September 9, 2013

Master Bedroom Wall Makeover

 This is such an exciting tutorial for me!  
I did it all by myself while my husband was out of town.  
He was visiting our daughter (Madi) & his brothers and their families.  
We have had our headboard for at least 15 years and I have always tried to figure out what to hang above it, because it is curved.  I thought it would look funny with something I have searched and searched for something since we have had it. Well I never found anything until now.
This is our headboard. 
 Like I said, we have had this furniture for at least 15 years and I still love it.  
One day I will give you a tour of our house, but for now we are sticking to this wall.

This is the piece that started this project.  
I get daily emails from Pick your Plum and one day the 'Plum' of the day were these canvas'.  They had samples of different states, names, and dates on them.  When I saw them and the price ($9.99), I knew this was the answer to my dilemma.  Of course, it took me forever before I figured out which option I wanted...sometimes I have issues like that.  
I decided that this would be the center of the wall.   I knew the size of frame it would require would not even begin to fill up that space.  Then, I had an idea...the letters of our first names would be a great addition and barn wood...who doesn't love barn wood? 
I found the letters at Hobby Lobby, but they were black and I wanted cream color to match the furniture.  So I spray painted (Krylon Satin White) them and then distressed them with sand paper and ink (to darken the edges & turn them a cream color).  After I used the ink, I wiped them down with a cloth to get rid of the excess ink.

Most people don't have barn wood hanging out in their garage, but we DO.  I guess you could say we are hoarders of some sorts, at least when it comes to cool stuff like barn wood.  The hardest part in making this was climbing up on the stool to find the pieces I wanted to use.  
I found 4 pieces of wood that were roughly the same size in width and length.  I figured that I needed 4 because I was using an 11x14 frame (see below) and that gave a little extra on the top and bottom of the wood.  One of the boards was too long so I cut about 12 inches off with the chop saw.
 To attach the boards to one another I used flat brackets.  I got these at Walmart for $1.57 a pack.  There were 4 brackets and 8 screws in each pack, I needed 3 packs, because I needed 9 brackets.  I didn't measure where to put them, I just spread them out evenly to attach the boards to one another. 

 The top, left picture shows what came from Pick your Plum'...the button is wood (& super cute).  I tied a bow with embroidery thread.  I do not know the number or brand of the thread because I have had it for years and it was just twisted on a piece of cardboard.  It is kind of a coral color.  The frame is from Hobby Lobby (like I said earlier)...I want to say it was $15 when it was half price.  I also used a plain white mat (from Hobby Lobby as well) because the canvas was an 8x10.

This is a sign my husband and I made last year, it is the first thing you see when you walk into our bedroom.  I knew that using more barn wood would tie the room together.

I even hung it before Craig (my husband) got home.  Yes, I even used the stud finder and screwed it right into the studs.
 I am very pleased with the finished project!
Hope this inspires you to create.


  1. Soooo cute, Julie! Miss you guys, Sheri

  2. Thank you Sheri! Miss you too! Hoping Italy is treating you well!

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