Monday, December 9, 2013

A Christmas Tree For Small Spaces

I have mentioned before that I don't live in the biggest home (the price of living in California). Actually, since we have 5 people living in a 1,100 square foot, 3 bedroom home means we need to get creative about where to put things. I shared with you a few months ago how I made room for my son's nursery (click here to see) as well as our 'office space' (click here to see), and this time I needed to get creative on where to put our Christmas tree.
Growing up, we always had a real tree and I wanted to bring that tradition into my family, so I brainstormed and saw an idea on Pinterest and brainstormed some more and decided on this...
Perfect, right?!
I borrowed the sled from my mom, and I already had the galvanized tub, as well as all of the decorations!
I just love how it turned out!!!

Of course I needed my little helper!
If you live in a small space and have a little floor space, this would be perfect for you!
~ Merry Christmas,

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