Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DIY Personalized Christmas Stocking Holders

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? If not, let Julie and I help you!  We sure are! I hope you were able to get some ideas from our Advent calendars, how cute is Crew!?
Today I want to share with you the Christmas stocking holders I made.  Last year and the year before I used these silver deer ones I had purchased at Target. I loved them because it had a Daddy deer, a Mommy deer and a doe ~ best part was the Mommy deer was looking back at her doe! The problem with using them this year is that I couldn't find another doe, so there wouldn't be a deer to represent Lucas, so I went to Pinterest, gathered a few ideas, again, and came up with this...

The 'E' stands for Eliana (my daughter) and the 'L' is for Lucas (my son). Don't worry, I made stocking holders for me & my husband Brent
 Here is what I did...
I started out with four blocks of wood I had my husband cut for me. I had him cut them 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" so that it would be centered on the stocking holders.  I purchased the stocking holders at Target for $10 (2 in a pack). 

Using my favorite Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover, I spray painted the stocking holders. I used an off-white satin. And for the blocks, since the spray paint didn't cover too well on this wood, I used some paint I had. It too was an off-white color.

While that was drying, I cut my burlap. I cut 3" x 4" pieces so there would be a little space along the edge of the block.

Using my Cricut, I made stencils!  I love the Cricut! With the stencils I painted each of our initials on the burlap using a dark brown acrylic paint and a sponge brush.

While that was drying, I distressed the blocks and stocking holders using my brown Distress Ink.

The next step is applying the burlap to the block.  I sprayed the block with Elmer's spray Adhesive and flattened out the burlap on the block, making sure it was centered.
Note: I sprayed the block instead of the burlap because I would have had to hold the burlap while spraying it and I didn't want the overspray to get on my fingers...sticky!

Next, I added some carpet tacks for effect! I nailed one in each corner of each block.

Finally, using my Gorilla Glue, I glued the block to the stocking holder and let it set over night to dry.
Note: be careful to not use too much of this Gorilla Glue because it does foam up.  I swirled around a thin layer on the bottom of the block ~ that's all you need!

Now, it's time to hang the stockings!
I'm so happy with how these turned out!  I love that they are personalized to each family member! Best part is they were simple to make and the only thing I spent money on were the stocking holders...$20 total!!!
Now it's your turn!  Let us know how you plan to hang your stockings this year!  Maybe you will take this idea and change it up a bit!
Be sure to check out our post on Friday!!!  Julie and I will be sharing our tutorials on how we made our stockings! Mine are the felt ones above...stay tuned!

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