Friday, December 20, 2013

Last Minute Gifts

Today I was going to share my Christmas decor with you, but I have been so busy with school things that I haven't  had time to take pictures.  I will share them with you next week (on Christmas day)...I know it will be too late to use some of my ideas, but there is always next year!
So instead of my Christmas decor, I am sharing with you 2 quick and easy gifts:
and a 

Supplies Needed for the Jingle Bell Frame:
Picture frame
Scrapbook paper
Jingle Bells

I got the cute little Santa jingle bell at Hobby Lobby, they were 5 for $1.00 (of course that was half price).  The other jingle bells were also bought at Hobby Lobby...I don't remember how much they were.  The picture frame was bought at the Dollar store for a different project; the frames didn't work for what I bought them for, so they have been sitting in the stock pile for over a year.

How to Make:
Print 'Jingle all the Way' on a piece of scrapbook paper (I made sure it would print at the bottom of the page, so the bells wouldn't cover it).  Put it in the frame.  
Tie ribbon (I used baker's twine) through the jingle bells and gather them together at the top. 
I tied the baker's twine to the hook on the back of the frame. Then hot glue a cute bow on the top.
How easy is that? 

Now onto the Clipboard gift...
Supplies needed for Clipboard:
Small clipboard (Walmart $1.27) 
Chalkboard spray paint (Rust-Oleum) 
'Scrabble' letter
Ribbon of any kind

This is super easy:
Tape off the part you don't want painted (I covered the top of the clipboard). 
 Spray it with the spray paint.  Let it dry.  Take off the tape and paper.  Hot glue a scrabble letter (I used the 1st letter of their last name) on the bottom corner.  Hot glue ribbon of any kind to hide the paint line, you have to fold approximately an inch around to the back and glue it there as well. 
I think this may have been easier than the 1st craft...what do you think?

Hopefully you don't need any last minute gifts to put together. 
But if you do...these are SUPER easy and SUPER cute to boot!  
Don't forget to stop and remember what this season is all about. 

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