Friday, December 27, 2013

How We Spent Christmas

This year it was my family's year to spend Christmas with the Gastineau clan. Unfortunately, Julie and her family had to stay in Colorado, but we made it through without them...sob, sob!
So today, I would like to get personal and share with you all how we celebrated Christmas!
It's Gastineau family tradition to open one gift on Christmas Eve, so my daughter Eliana opened her sticker earrings!  As you can see, she was so excited. She loves wearing earrings...not sure how she got to be a "girly-girl," but it's pretty cute!!!

After we slept, some only for a few hours, we woke up to stuffed stockings and unopened presents that Santa left!

Santa left Eliana a 'pink' Razor scooter. I emphasize on the 'pink' because, again, she is a girly-girl and LOVES pink!  She didn't have any trouble getting the hang of it...even on carpet!

Next it was time to open the stockings...this is where the $1 bin at Target comes in handy!

The best part of Christmas morning was when my father-in-law came down the hall and around the corner into the living room wearing this Santa hat that lit up, played music and moved back and forth to shake the jingle bell on top! We could hear it coming and when he got into the living room he started dancing around! It was hilarious! Everyone was laughing and the little ones loved it too. 

As you can see, Eliana couldn't wait to dance with her Papa! He's got some moves and now I see where my husband gets them!

We had a great day for all of us! We were able to watch the little ones play as the older ones visited!  And boy did we eat!
I think we are a pretty good looking family....

...Don't you?!

 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

~ Kerri Gastineau

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