Friday, January 24, 2014

New Living Room Decor

Well, I almost have it all finished!  That's right, I think I'm pretty much done with my living room décor (except for one wall), so I wanted to share with you what I have so far....

As you know, we had our floors refinished, which meant, for me, I needed to update my living room décor to go with my new shiny floors.  I had already been adding the blue accent, but it was time to finish it off, so here it is!
This is one wall, the main wall, because it holds the television, which is where everything faces.  I found the blue square seat at Target and I added the other blue accents with knickknacks I found at Home Goods or had laying around.  Off to the left are the Removable Accent Shelves I did.  (click here to see how I made them). 

 This is a shot of the first thing you see when you come into the house because it's on the adjacent wall from the front door.
I found the blue 'g' at Typo, the blue lamp at Home Goods, and I made the pillow covers. You can click here to see how easy they are to make.
Now this wall is the where I'm having trouble.  I shared with you a while ago that when my niece (Julie's daughter) moved in with us that we had moved our 'office space' out into the living room, so there it is off to the right, but the wall to the left is bare because I can not figure out what I want to do with it!  Any ideas?!

I thought I would snap a quick picture of my little work space! I had these crates and  I was going to hang them on the blank wall to make shelves out of them, but I decided they would make great shelves for all my office supplies!  Maybe I'll paint them one day, but for now, I like the natural look.

And that's it!  Oh, I forgot to mention I found the rug at Home Depot!  Believe it or not, they have very reasonably-priced rugs!!!
I'm really happy with the way it has all turned out so, if I can just figure out what to do with that wall!
~ Kerri


  1. How about a big mirror? Mirrors make a room look bigger. Or a huge wall canvas. they have those huge wall stickers that take up an entire wall and they have some great images.

  2. I agree with Sharon, a big mirror would look great!


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