Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bracelet Tutorial (Link)

Today I am sharing with you some bracelets that my friend and I made last summer. I know, it's ridiculous that I am just now getting around to sharing them with you, but I had other things to share with all of you.  I have to say...these were a little tricky at first (probably because we were chatting and snacking & not paying much attention), but once we got the hang of it, it was easy.  
Besides, it was tons of fun spending time with my friend, Erin (she is a hoot)!  
I found this tutorial on Pinterest and wanted to try it out. 
What better way to craft...than with a friend?
Supplies Needed:
Fabric (scrap fabric is the's free)
Thread to match your fabric
Sewing machine
When it was all said and done, we learned something...  
When Erin pulled her fabric through, she pulled it a little tighter than I did: this made the width of her bracelet thinner than mine (I couldn't find a photo that showed this...sorry). 
It is really personal preference on how tight you want to pull it! 
Also, I liked how my bracelet had those little fly aways!  I thought they were cute and I like unconventional things like fly aways on a bracelet!

I have to confess...I cut out another bracelet to make, but it still sits in my craft room.  
It is navy blue and I am planning on attaching a vintage gold button to it.  
I promise to share the picture of it when I get it finished.  
I hope this gives you a little inspiration for yourself. 
 Sometimes we need a little DIY for ourselves and not our house.
Have a BLESSED day!

P.S. You should check out the blog I got this tutorial from...she has some awesome tutorials!

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