Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Door Hanger

In the Fall, I shared this Owl Door Hanger tutorial (this has been our most viewed post to this day).  It was super quick and easy, so I decided I would make one for Valentine's day.  
Well, not an owl...a heart!  

Supplies Needed:
Pattern, Burlap, Fabric, Thread to match fabric, Batting, Wire, 
and Embellishments (if you want)
I made my pattern with tissue paper. It was simple, just fold it in half then trace the heart shape (you know how you used to make them when you were a kid) you want and cut.  Yes, it's that simple to make the pattern.  Once I opened it up, I had to reshape it to the size I wanted (I just did some trimming to get it there).  I wanted a longer, thinner one and a short, squatty one, so I made two different patterns.

Once you have the pattern finished, lay it on the fabric and cut.
Then, lay the heart fabric on the burlap and cut 2 pieces and make them about a half inch bigger than the fabric heart (see photo above).
 After, you have them cut out, you sew the 3 pieces together and leave an opening so you can stuff it. Stuff the heart to the puffiness you want it and then sew the opening together to complete the heart. When you are finished with the heart you need to add the wire to hang it.  I poked it through the top of the burlap and brought it up and twisted it back around itself (see owl tutorial).  For one of the hearts I added a tag that said LOVE (with Scrabble letters) and the other one I tied a bow and attached it with the cute heart brad (I got those at Hobby Lobby last year).

This project took me about 20 minutes.
So get to the fabric store and get some burlap and cute Valentine's fabric:
Make one for you and one for a friend!

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