Friday, January 3, 2014

Quick & Easy Photo Display

Well, it's hard to believe it is 2014 already and that we have had this little blog for 6 months! 
 It is amazing how time flies when you're having FUN!
I decided I would start the year off with an easy craft.  
This basically took me about 15-20 minutes to put together.  
It would have taken longer than that, if I didn't already have the wood cut and painted.

Supplies Needed:
 Piece of wood
Paint (any color)
Clip & Tack
2" Ribbon
Stamped Spoon (See tutorial)

To Make:
Cut the wood and paint it.  Wrap the ribbon around the bottom part of the wood, I glued it at the top and bottom, except where I slid the spoon in. Attach the clip with the tack.  Then, finish it off with twine (or any type of ribbon) at the top.  Last, slide the spoon into the ribbon. 
I think this was one of the easiest crafts I have done in awhile!
Do you like my cute pink tools?  I even got my own tool caddy!  
Santa put those in my stocking for be honest with you, I think he was sick of looking for his tools in my craft room!  
Whatever it takes to get some tools of my own...right?

Kerri and I are super excited to see where this blog takes us and we can't wait to share our 'Snippets of Creations' with all of you this year!  
Thank you for supporting us in our adventure of blogging!

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