Wednesday, February 5, 2014

L-O-V-E Sign

Since we are all about Valentine's Day here on Snippets, I thought I would share a super easy decoration. I have a piece of barn wood in my living room and since I moved the furniture around in that room, you can only see the top part of the barn wood.  So I wanted a little something to liven it up (for lack of a better term) and this is what I came up with:

I bought the chip letters at Hobby Lobby for .50 a piece and some scrapbook paper to cover them with. I believe the total cost of this project was maybe $4.00, that's not too bad for a quick and easy project. 

To cover the chip letters, see my tutorial from our Christmas Stocking post.  The step that I didn't add to that post was the sanding and distressing of the letters (see below).
After you cut the excess paper off of the letters it looks pretty rough around the edges (middle picture), but then you sand them and they become smooth (left picture).  When you are finished sanding you need to use 'Distress Ink' to go around the edges of the letters...this makes it look weathered or distressed (hence the 'distress' ink).  Sometimes you may get too much ink on the letter, but don't fret...just spray it with a spray bottle (filled with water) and it will come off (you will need to wipe the excess water off with an old rag). 
The longest part of this project is letting the modge podge dry.  I always let mine dry over night and I usually put something heavy on the letters, so there won't be any bubbles.  
Basically, this is one easy project and I think it's pretty cute as well!  
You could also attach the L-O-V-E letters on ribbon and make it a banner...the sky's the limit! 
Just remember, have fun when you are crafting and like I always say...make it your own!

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