Friday, February 28, 2014

Baseball Shamrock Wreath

Since tomorrow is the first day of March, I thought it would be fun to share a quick and easy wreath for  St. Patty's Day (even though I don't normally do anything for it) and it is also that time of year that my family absolutely loves...BASEBALL!  So what better way to celebrate Spring Training & St. Patty's Day than a baseball shamrock wreath? Well let me tell you, this was a quick and I mean a quick way to transform the wreath on my front door. 

The below photo is of my winter wreath 
(I can tell you this, I have had it with Winter and it is time to move onto Spring).

This is how you make the Baseball Shamrock:
First, you need to take the baseball apart and make hearts out of 2 of the pieces (you can see this  tutorial here). Then you need to cut a third piece of the ball for one of the petals and the stem. The below photo shows how I cut this the first time I tried it and it didn't work so well. So don't follow that step...I just wanted to show you, 'what not to do'.

This photo shows how I trimmed the third piece of the baseball. Like I noted on the picture, I think I should have left the stem a little longer...but it still worked (at least I think).

Once you have the hearts glued and ready, then you glue them onto the petal/stem (see below photo).

This is how it looks before you put the button on the shamrock. 

In this photo the shamrock has the button just laying on top of it, because I wasn't sure that I liked the black button. The button was too plain, so I decided to string twine through the button holes and tie a bow to add a little detail.

To hang the shamrock I strung wire through 2 of the holes in the baseball and twisted it, so it would stay in place.

 How to make the Shamrock tag:
 For the tag, I used one of my tea dyed tags.  All you have to do is draw the shape of your shamrock and then fill it with glue. Then, put green glitter on it and shake off the excess glitter and Ta-Da...a shamrock tag.  The stem of the tag wasn't the ideal shape I wanted, but I tucked it into the little pocket on the wreath and it looks fine.
Hopefully this little touch of Spring will get you motivated to craft some Spring into your homes!
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