Monday, October 28, 2013

Small Spaces: Nursey For Lucas

 I have mentioned in past posts that the beauty of living in California and owning a home usually means you don't have a very large home, unless you're rich (which is the goal with this blog!!). So, since all the bedrooms were taken, Lucas moved into our room!  I researched different ideas and with the help of my research and my own crazy ideas, we came up with this...
This is the rocking corner and pretty much the only 'real' spot to Lucas' room.

IKEA had a great deal on these changing stations and all I did was add the baskets to store all the things I knew I would need on a daily basis.  I bought the baskets from Ross...super great deals!
 The items I knew I would need every day are the wipes, diapers, jammies, blankets, socks/hats & onesies...of course!
I can't remember if it was my idea or my mom's, but we came up with extra storage by purchasing these baskets from IKEA and hanging them on the side of the changing station.  And for décor purposes, we used jute to hang them!

The corner we left for more of the décor, and some items we need often, such as the towel & washcloths and the burp cloths.  Click here for the tutorial on how I made those burp cloths.
The pallet shelf was a random, and awesome, find at Target!  I had purchased the baskets already from Ross and figured I could hang them from the shelf!  It worked.
The thumbprint tree to the right was a sign-in book from my shower. It still needs more fingerprints though!
Finally, the burlap letters...I thought I was pretty original coming up with this idea until I walked into Michaels & saw they sold these 6" x 6" burlap squares & I thought, heck, one less thing I have to make!  I can't remember how much they were, but I know they were on sale, so yay! I cut out L-u-c-a-s using my Cricut so I would have a stencil.  Then I stenciled a letter on each burlap square and hung it (tutorial on this project to come!)

Here is a close-up picture

On the other wall, I hung the invitation to the baby shower, which was already framed for me!  I also hung a picture of Lucas from his first week home.  I had a black frame I spray painted white, then distressed it with sandpaper & added 3 burlap rosettes!  Cute, right?!

Here is a close-up of the thumbprint tree.
Finally, the rocker/glider.  We used this same one with our daughter, but what makes it special is the quilt that hangs over it.  My cousin made it!  Amazing, right?!  I would love to tackle quilting one day, but until then, I'll just have her make them for me.

Here is a close-up of the quilt.  How cute are the colors and patterns?!
I wasn't sure when I was pregnant how it was all going to work out, but it did!  Everything you need for an infant can fit in a small space and no matter how small the space is,  you can personalize it with décor! I'm so happy with how it all turned out and that it's all right there in reach!
~ Kerri
PS...forgot to show you where the little man sleeps!  We registered for and received as a gift the Fisher-Price Newborn Sleeper, which fits perfectly next to our bed!  Love it! 



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