Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nap Time Blanket Tutorial

Since Kerri shared Lucas' Birth Story, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you a tutorial for a nap time blanket I made him. 
(a nap time blanket is a small blanket you can associate with nap or bed time)
Here is the super cute one I made.
When I found out Lucas was a boy, I knew what he had to have~anything Dodgers...SORRY KERRI!

Before I share the tutorial I have to give you a little family history and tell you why Lucas needed some Dodgers gear.  
Just about everybody in the Gastineau Family is a Dodgers fan...that is, except Kerri.
(hence the below picture from her baby shower...that is my daughter, Madi giving the #1 sign for the Dodgers).  
In fact, she is a San Francisco Giants fan and anybody that knows a thing or two about baseball, knows that the Dodgers and the Giants are BIG rivals!  I do have to say, this makes great bantering for family the fact the Giants won the World Series last year and the mere fact that the Dodgers took the National League West this year.  We have a great time with the joking and carrying on, but in the end...we know that we LOVE each other dearly no matter which team wins...right Kerri? 

Enough with the family history, onto the tutorial.
You will need:
1/4 yard of fabric of your choice (I chose a gray chenille and a 'Dodgers' blue)
Thread to match
Ribbon (if you want to have a tag on it)
The above left photo (right to left) is of Madi, Brent (Kerri's husband), Craig (my husband) and Brad (another brother) at a Dodgers game last month.

First, you cut both pieces of fabric to the (square) size you want your blanket.
Then, you pin right sides together.  
Make sure that if you want a tag on one side, that you pin it so the tag is on the inside of the blanket (pinned together).  
Next, sew the sides together with a 1/4" seam allowance.
Leave an opening so you can turn the blanket right sides out.
Last, you have to stitch the opening (I used an invisible stitch).  I had to Google the invisible stitch since (for the life of me) I couldn't remember how to do this.

This is a start to many DODGERS vs. GIANTS gifts in Lucas' life.  I know we are going to win his heart for the Dodgers, since I think Eliana is taking her mom's side in this matter.  It's ok though, she's an adorable Giants fan and I still love her to pieces.

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