Monday, October 7, 2013

All Things Chalkboards

I just have to say...I HEART chalkboards!  
It must be the teacher in me.  
I have a chalkboard door in my kitchen (for grocery lists & to do lists), my craft room's door is a chalkboard and now I have a chalkboard wall in my entry way.  
Oh, and I also have an 'All About Chalkboards' board on Pinterest. 
So, I guess one could say, 'I am obsessed with chalkboards'.
I shared with you a project I did while my husband was in California for a visit.  That same weekend I tackled another project...a chalkboard wall.  This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but I knew my husband would probably talk me out of if...that's why I waited for him to leave!
Here is the finished product.  
I love having it right inside the front door, 
so I can write inspiring words for all that enter our home.
This is a tutorial that I found on how to write on chalkboards.
After I painted my wall with chalkboard paint, I was thinking...what if somebody didn't want to paint a wall with chalkboard paint?  

That question got me thinking and this is the solution I came up with: 
A canvas painted with chalkboard spray paint.
 What you will need:
A canvas (any size),  I got mine at Walmart (2 for $7.97)
Chalkboard Spray Paint (I always use Rust-Oleum)
Wire or Ribbon to hang your canvas (I used wire)
Any decorative embellishments you would like
After I spray painted the canvas I used a straight pin to poke holes (for the wire) in the 2 top corners.  Then, I stuck the wire through (bottom, left photo) and brought it up (bottom, right photo) to the desired length and twisted it to secure it.  I, then curled the excess with a pencil (like in my owl tutorial).  If you are using ribbon you could just hot glue it to the back of the canvas.  I added a burlap bow and a tag on one side of my canvas.  You could embellish it any way you would like or not at all, the choice is yours.
Happy Creating!

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