Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Snippets of Fall and a Dedication

With the color of the leaves changing and the smell of Fall in the air, it brings a lot of emotions to me.  I absolutely love Fall, but hate it at the same time.  This coming Friday it will be 16 years since I lost my sister, Erica.  That night I not only lost my sister, but my best friend.  The freshness of the air brings back those memories as if it were yesterday.  
So in honor of her life I am dedicating this post to her!  
So here's to the change of seasons and you Erica...I love you to the moon and back!

  I usually do not decorate for Fall, but since we are sharing 'Snippets of Creations' with you I decided that I had better do some Fall decorating this year.  I happened to remember that I had a 'Fall Decorations' box somewhere in the crawl space of our house and asked my husband to find it for me...thankfully it was by the entry to the crawl space (so he didn't have to waste a lot of his time).   I had forgotten about all of the cute things I had for Fall.  

Here are some 'Snippets' of my Fall decorations:
I recently painted my door this color and I absolutely LOVE it.  The bench is in my entry way and was just painted as well...however, I am not too sure about the color yet.
The pumpkins I have in this jar were too cute not to show. The ladder below is one of my favorites in our courtyard.  I usually don't have a lot on it, but I really like the way it turned out and I think from now on I will be adding more to it for each season. 

This wreath is the only thing I have made for Fall and it was FREE.
  As you can see the before photo, it was a cute little turkey wreath (that had seen better days).  Since it was so old I decided to take it apart and use some of the Fall flowers I had and the sign (of course I painted it with chalkboard paint) from the original wreath.  
To make this simple wreath you will need:
Grapevine Wreath (any size)
Flowers of your choice
Wood for a sign 
Chalkboard Paint
After you have everything you want for your wreath you just need to place it where you want it on the wreath and move it around if needed.  
I cut the flowers at the very top, then just stuck them in the wreath where I placed them.  I didn't use anything to secure them because they fit in the wreath and seemed to be secure.  
If you do need to secure them, use floral wire.  
Those little berries had the wire in them already, so I just twisted them around the wreath.  I secured the sign on the wreath with the wire that was used on the old wreath.  It was that simple!

Another 'Fall' door decoration to share with stay tuned! 
My hope is, that this post will motivate you to decorate for fall (if you haven't already done so).

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