Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Easy Thanksgiving Place Setting Tags & Holders

I know Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but if you are out and about today and just happen to run into Hobby Lobby or Michael's...pick up some tags to make your Thanksgiving day table special!  These place setting tags are so easy.  
The hardest part is having the patience for the glue to dry (on the glitter tags). 
I had the blocks, pom poms, ornament hangers, and I always have tags on hand and most of them I tea dye (to get the aged look), so this project was FREE! 
What you will need for the tags:
Pom Poms (various colors)
Twigs or sticks
Twine or other ribbon
Wire for vine
What you will need for the place holder:
Blocks of any kind
Spray Paint (the color you choose)
Wire ornament hangers
Directions for the tags:
If you are going to make the pom pom (pumpkin) tag, you just have to hot glue the pom pom onto the tag where you want it.
Next, you hot glue the stem (I used a skewer and used the distressed ink to make it brown) behind the pumpkin and the wire vine (if you want a vine).  

For the glitter pumpkin, you just need to make the shape of a pumpkin out of liquid glue.  Then you shake the glitter on it and dump off the excess glitter.
Tie twine through the hole in the tag. is that simple!
Directions for the holders:
Spray paint the blocks any color, I used Champagne by Krylon.  I thought it was a neutral choice and could be used throughout the year.
Drill a hole in the middle (top) of the block (I did not take a picture of this...SORRY).
You need to straighten out the lower part of the ornament holder (see above in the top, right photo).
Add hot glue to the straight part of the wire and place it in the hole.
Last, tie a cute bow around the wire.

These were very simple, but I think they turned out adorable!  
My hope is that you will have a wonderful day with your family and friends on Thanksgiving.


  1. Love this idea! My Grandkids will want to take theirs home with them. Guess you could make any shape and theme with the glue. Thanks Julie!

  2. You can make any shape with the glue...I made one with a heart on it for Valentine's Day last year!


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