Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Give Thanks Banner

Happy Wednesday!  
Today I want to share with you a super easy DIY Harvest/Thanksgiving décor project!

It's a "Give Thanks" burlap banner.
Here is what you will need:

- Burlap (brown and red ribbon burlap)
- Scissors
- Triangle template
- Glue gun & lots of glue
- Twine or Jute
- Acrylic paint (I went with black)
- Sponge paint brush
- "Give Thanks" stencil letters

Here is what to do:

You will want to start by cutting out your brown burlap triangles.

Next you take the stencils and paint on your letters. I used a sponge brush in order to get a good application on the burlap.

Here is the 'S' completed.

Next lay out your banner to get an idea of the spacing you will want.

Then, flip them over to glue your twine/jute onto the back. 
 FYI, be sure to flip them over and lay them out spelling the words from right to left!!!  That way, when you flip it back over to see the front, it reads left to right, like it should. As you can see, I laid "Give" the wrong way the first time!

Next, it's time to make the bows!

I measured out about 29" of the red ribbon burlap, which gave me enough to work with.

The kind of ribbon I bought had wire edges, so my next step was to cut that wire off.

This next step is tricky, so follow me:
You will want to cut a slit in the middle of one edge of the ribbon and begin pulling a center string towards you.  As you begin pulling, it will start to gather together like the picture below. 
(I didn't take a picture of cutting the slit and pulling the string, so if you need one, I can take one and update this post!  Just let me know.)

Now take your two ends and cross them over one another.

And glue away!!! You pretty much want to keep forming it and gluing wherever you need to!

Finally...hang it!
Here is the close-up of the flowers.  I hung the banner with small nails, so I just stuck the flowers on the nail head.  It hasn't fallen off yet!

My banner went perfectly over the piano and it adds to the rest of my Harvest/Thanksgiving décor. 
I will be posting all of my indoor and outdoor décor later this month.
Easy as that!  Burlap is messy, so if I had to say any part of this project was difficult, it was the mess that cutting the brown burlap made...not too bad, huh?!

Happy Creating!
~ Kerri 

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