Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Last week I was able to get away for a few days and finally meet the newest member of the Gastineau family...Lucas Brian!  
It is hard being so far away from family (especially when there are precious little ones involved), so I was able to surprise Kerri with a visit.  
To be honest with you...I almost spilled the beans and told her I was coming, but I didn't!  Not only did I get to meet Lucas, I was able to be there for Eliana's 3rd Birthday exciting is that?!
Another added BONUS...a Thanksgiving craft with the two of them.

With Thanksgiving coming up I wanted to do something fun with Eliana while I was there and this is what I found!  I decided to do it on a tile so Kerri could display it for years to come and have the memory of her babies being so little.  I got the tiles at Home Depot for .51 each...I know ridiculously cheap, huh?

What you will need:
An adorable little one (or more depending on how many you have)
Tile (you could use any color you would like; the white makes it stand out)
Acrylic Paints (brown, yellow, green, orange, & red)
Paint brushes (I used one for each color, but you could use one and rinse after you apply each color)
Permanent Marker (any color you choose)

How to do it:
Paint brown on the thumb and the palm of the hand.
Paint each finger a different color (see above photo).
Turn the hand over and press it on the tile (I put pressure on the hand to make sure the paint was applied evenly to the tile surface).
Paint the gobble red and the beak yellow.
Let the paint dry.
Draw the legs on with the permanent marker.
Write their name and date on the tile with the permanent marker.
*When applying the paint, you need to make sure you put enough on the hand (so it won't dry out before you change colors), but not too much for it to smear.

It's as EASY as that!
Eliana and I had so much fun making this craft together (just look at that smile)!  
Putting the paint on Lucas' hand was not as soon as I would paint his hand he would curl his tiny fingers and it made a mess!  I did the palm of his hand first, then I did each finger individually.  His fingers weren't spread out as evenly as Eliana's but it is still adorable!

So if you have family coming for Thanksgiving, you should do a craft with the little ones.  
It makes great memories and a great keepsake.
Don't forget to GIVE THANKS for all of your BLESSINGS this holiday season.

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  1. This is the sweetest, you are an awesome Auntie!


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