Friday, April 11, 2014

Barn Sale Adventure

Well in the midst of the 'Barn Sale' I was supposed to do my blog post for today and totally forgot about it! So today I am just going to share a few thoughts on the sale. 
First off, I want to THANK all of you that came out to support me! I was blessed by so many of you and by others that I don't even know. It was a BEAUTIFUL...I mean BEAUTIFUL day! There was Somebody (I think we all know who I am talking about) in charge of the day, that gave us perfect weather. There were a few times that the wind picked up, but it didn't break anything, so I figured that was a good thing. Although, my sign did fall and hit somebody...thank goodness, it was one of my wonderful friends and not somebody I didn't know (sorry Erin)! 
Next week I will be sharing photos and blogging about the 'Barn Sale', so stay tuned. As for now, I have to go gear up for the last day of sales! Again, THANK YOU to all of my supporters and customers...all of you have BLESSED me beyond measure!
Have a wonderful weekend with your families!

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