Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY Easter Basket

This year I thought it would be fun to make my daughter's Easter basket.  There are some really cute ones in the stores, but they are so expensive and lets face gives me something to blog about!

Here is how it turned out... 

The best part about this project is it took me a little over an hour to do and there is no sewing involved!

Here is a quick tutorial on what I did:

I got this basket at a neighbor's yard sale...for free!!!  I bought a table and she threw this in with it!  Yay!!

I wasn't really sure what I going to do, so I went to my craft closet and pulled the material I thought I might use and started playing around.  I grabbed fabric scraps, jute/twine, my sewing bag and, of course, my handy glue gun!

I had this green fabric left over from a previous project and I kept eyeing as the material I needed to use for the lining of the grass.  I just had to figure out how to make it work.  So, I folded it a little here and there and figured out I could fold and glue it to sit nicely gathered in the basket.  I started out by cutting it so it was square (meaning the sides evenly hung over the basket).  I then put hot glue on the bottom of the basket, place the material center over the opening of the basket and pushed down with my hand.  This allowed for it to be even all around.  Then I took the extra material on the sides and folded the edges, tucking it behind and gluing it to the basket.

Next, I made the flower.  I wasn't sure where I was going to put it, but I had the material, so why not? It's the same material I used for the No-Sew Easter/Spring Banner (click here to see that post). I cut 6 circle pieces, folded them in half, then folded it to make an 'S' shape and glued the tip to a square piece of felt I had cut out.  I then glued the folds of each piece together so it would lay down.  I did this with each piece until it was a complete flower.  I then grabbed my container of beads and brads and found this cute brad that matched perfectly.  I pulled off the prongs and glued it to the center of my flower.  Cute, huh?

After my flower was made, I started on the banner.  I used the same material from the flower and cut 5 triangles.  I wanted them big enough to stand out, which is why I only cut 5, but if you're making one, you can always make them bigger or smaller.  I then glued them to the twine and tied it to the basket.

As I looked at my basket, I knew it needed something else, so I went to the ribbon stack and started playing around with ideas.  I ended up taking the 1/2" pink ribbon and wrapping it around the top of the handle.  I used my glue gun, again, to secure this.  I also took the 1/4" pink and white ribbon and tied them to the side of each handle to make tassels.  It added a little something, don't you think?

I will admit, this basket is very girly and very frilly, but it suits my daughter so well!!!  You can always change up your colors and accents to your child's style.  That's the beauty of creating, you make it your own!!

Happy Easter!

~ Kerri

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