Monday, April 21, 2014

Vintage Coffee Can Planters

I hope all of you had a beautiful Easter with your families. 
With all of the nice weather, I wanted to share with you a fun and easy way to add color to any area of your patio or porch. I made these cute little vintage coffee flower pots for the 'Barn Sale' and I had so many compliments on them, so I thought I would share how to put them together.
People were even asking if they were 'For Sale'.

I couldn't bare to sell them...the vintage coffee cans were my husband's grandma's and I just couldn't part with them, even if I do have tons of them in the storage room down in my basement (the picture below is only one section of the vintage cans).

What you will need:
Vintage Coffee Can
Rocks and Soil
Drill with bit (to drill holes in the bottom of the can)
Succulent (of your choice)
Flowers (your choice)

 I decided to get the pink 'snap dragons' because I thought it complimented the color of the coffee can and there was also a little bit of pink on the edge of the succulents. You can see one of the cans (that I used at the Barn Sale) in the background...I used daffodils, pansies, and a succulent in it as well. This time I just used 2 different types of plants...the sky's the limit when you are creating!

 First, you need to drill holes in the bottom of the can (so the water can filter through).

Then, layer rocks in the bottom of the can. 

 After that, put your soil in the can...I added a little at first, then put the plants in to see how much more soil I would need. After, everything is planted you will need to pack down the soil and make sure you have enough to cover the plants (I didn't take a picture of this...sorry).

These little planters are quick and easy, but they add a lot to any area of your patio or porch! Believe it or not...we found that adorable chair in somebody's junk pile. In the Spring time our city has trash pick up, so one Sunday we were on our way home from church and found that gem! I love it, even if it is wobbly!
Have a wonderful week!
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