Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Workshop/Craft Room (Part 1)

WARNING: You are about to witness a HOT MESS & that is ME!
What do you do when your Etsy shop takes over your whole (pretty much) house? Well, you start feeling a little lot overwhelmed and you do something about it! After I decided that I would venture out and sell at the 'Buzzard Creek Primitives' barn sale, I had to get busy creating...well, that turned into a HUGE mess in basically the entire house. Mind you, I have a craft room and a basement that is an empty space; but I didn't want to be down there by myself.
Here are some (embarrassing) before photos of my kitchen/dining area and my craft room:
 How can anybody work like this? I did for a while, then I just couldn't take it anymore and had to do something about it. With my house like this...the only person I could let in was Tabatha (she knows the real me...a HOT MESS)! She was even overwhelmed by the mess...I mean come on, who wouldn't be!
After, I couldn't take it anymore; my husband came up with a plan on moving everything down to the basement. He helped me box everything up and take it downstairs. Then, it sat there for a couple of weeks until I could muster up the courage to get down there and organize my mess.
Here are a few after photos of my craft room. I will share my workshop next week and give you a play by play account of how I set it up. For the craft room, I just had to clean it up and put things away; so there isn't a whole lot to share with that process.
 I can finally breath and I actually enjoy being downstairs now. It is very calming now that it doesn't look like my supplies threw up all over the room. There is something to be said about having a calm environment to create's true! I am going to try to keep my area cleaned up when I am done creating (hoping that works). My husband made me a ribbon station with dowels and hooks to make it easy to find my ribbons and cut them. 
He had to add another dowel, because I am a lover of ribbon (a little addicted to it actually).
On Monday, I will share my new workshop with you and how I organized it to help me be more productive in my creating. 
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. You two are sooo creative!!! Love it!
    I was laughing out loud at this post--- about the Hot Mess! haa Tira W.


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