Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bunny Tag Tutorial

Some of you may know my friend (Cindy Jo) that has Buzzard Creek Primitives Barn Sale twice a year and that sale is coming up next week on April 10th and 11th! Guess who's going to be there for this sale? Yep, you guessed...ME!  I am setting up my Beautifully Broken Creations shop at Buzzard Creek Primitives Barn Sale and I can't be more excited about that! So, with that said, I have been working non-stop on signs, baseball cuffs, and spoon key's a good thing I am on Spring Break. 

Onto my post now, sorry I got carried away with the barn sale happenings. 
As I promised last week, my bunny tag tutorial. This is super easy and can even be done with the kids.

All you need are, tea dyed tags, a bunny pattern, scrapbook paper, and ribbon, twine, or wire. You can use a white tag instead of the tea dyed tag (those are just my preference).
First you choose your paper, then cut it into 1/4" strips. I only used one, but the sky's the limit...make it your own. Then print the bunny pattern, I used this free printable from my (Easter Pinterest board) and when I printed it, I just reduced the size to 15% scale (on my printer). After that, place the pattern on the paper you choose and cut around it...yes, that simple!
When you are finished cutting the bunny, place it on the tag (at the bottom) and Mod Podge it on there. Then do the same with the strip. I used twine, baker's twine and small gauged wire to add to my tag.
See I told you it was simple.
I seriously need to make more of these...after the barn sale.
Have a blessed day!

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