Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pallet Art

There are so many projects out there made with pallets.  After Tabatha and I made our BFF necklaces we were conjuring up our next project...we decided it had to be something with a pallet.  So we jumped on Craigslist to find 'FREE' pallets in our area.  We found an add that said to come get the pallets from an alley way, well...first of all we couldn't find the address, then we finally found the place.  After all of that driving around, we got there to find out that both entrances to the alley were blocked because of construction!   We were a little disappointed but on our way back to my house we saw some pallets sitting next to a dumpster by our local university.  They said, the pallets were ours if we wanted them.  After digging through the pile we found 4 of them that we felt were in pretty good shape, so we loaded them in the car and headed home to hide them from my husband.

For my pallet I had to remove one of the back boards to replace a missing one on the front.  After all of that work we realized that mine was a taller pallet (we thought about finding a new one, but I decided I would give it a try to see if I liked it...I ended up liking it).  
Paints and stains we used (between the two of us we had everything we needed).

  • Mark off the 'blue' section of the flag.  Cover the surrounding areas (so they don't get over spray on them).
  • Spray paint the blue (Krylon... Gloss Navy Blue), after it is dry remove the coverings and paint the rest of the flag.
  • Use 'Dark Aging Wax' (or stain) to age the paint.
  • Make baseball hearts (see below pictures).
  • Attach the hearts.
When you cut the lace of the baseball, I found that it stayed in (after you separated it) if you cut at an angle.  After you take the ball apart you hold it with both hands and then twist it to make the heart shape.  You have to kind of work with it to get it the shape you want.  Then you put some hot glue to put it together.
After you get all of the baseballs cut and glued into a heart shape you can start attaching them to your pallet.  As the picture below states: we did not measure, we just eye-balled the placement. (Neither of our husbands would approve of this method...they have to measure and level everything)
Tabatha and I both decided it is GREAT to craft with your friend that doesn't take offense to you bossing them around.  We were both very bossy on this project, but we think it turned out for the best...what is your thought?
I hung this pallet in my house...stay tuned for the post featuring it!

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