Monday, March 10, 2014

Another Bathroom Transformation

Since I shared our Master Bathroom with you last week, I decided I should share the guest bathroom with you as well.  It used to be the kids bathroom, but none of them live here it's a guest bathroom now. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any before pictures. Let me tell was just as bad as our Master Bathroom! We basically gutted the whole bathroom, except the bathtub.  It was still in good shape, just like ours. I wouldn't chose the color of it, but it works and we didn't have the money to replace it. Again, when we took out the vanity the drywall came with it, so we had to hide that some how and this time we hid it with good ole' barn wood! That's a favorite around our house! 
Here is the finished product:
 Like the Master Bathroom, we decided to go with the single vanities. At first we bought pedestal sinks, but found out that the plumbing was off centered and the sinks wouldn't be centered on the wall correctly.  So, we took those back and found these...which I liked better than the pedestal sinks (there was somewhere for the kids to put their stuff). 
 The mirror was left here when we bought the is old and very heavy.  It wasn't in the bathroom, but I couldn't decide on mirrors and was FREE!  Who doesn't love FREE stuff! It was stained but I painted it black to match the vanities. As for the color of the walls, is totally different than what I would normally pick.  It is a mocha (I don't have the actual name anymore). I am ready to change the paint color to a lighter color, but that probably isn't going to happen any time soon!
My mom gave me the cabinet in between the vanities and I painted it a light green (it was white). I added the same baskets under each sink for the towels and that is perfect for when guests come...they don't have to search for their towels! Not like they would have to, I would get them for them! 
This is a close up of the shower (see the tub isn't too terribly bad). 
These are pictures of my kids when they were little bathing at their Grandma's house. Some days I wish they were little like this again and then I remember how much work it was (so I change my mind real quick)! These little reminders of how sweet and fun they were make me smile.
Like I said in my previous post about my has been a lot of work and taken a lot of money to make our house a home, but I absolutely love my home and wouldn't trade it for the world.
Have a wonderful Monday!

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