Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY Easter Egg Tree

As promised last Wednesday, I am going to share with you today how to make the Easter Egg Tree that was in the photos of the Free Easter Printables post.  If you missed that post, you can click here to see it.
This project is so easy and it doesn't take any time at all to make.
Here is all you need:
~ Foam Cone
~ Spray Adhesive
~ Moss
~ Plastic Eggs (the color is up to you!)
~ Hot Glue Gun

Here is what to do:
Step 1 - Apply the moss to your foam cone (I took this step outside because it gets messy).

I started by spraying the cone with the spray adhesive and then I stuck chunks of the moss on top of where I sprayed.  I did this in sections and by the time I was done I had applied about 2 coats of moss.  I didn't want much of the cone underneath to be visible, even though I was going to cover it up with eggs.

Then, I squeezed the cone to compress the moss in order to keep it in a 'cone' shape.

Next, I attached the eggs using my hot glue gun.  I bought these at Michael's for $5 (they were 1/2 off!!!) I put a squiggly line of hot glue one part of the egg and stuck it onto the mossy cone.  I had to hold it there for about a minute until it dried. 
I made sure the majority of the eggs were applied in a vertical-slant in order to create a pattern and avoid it looks all out of sorts. I did apply a few them in the horizontal position, but those are on the bottom row and they were to fill in the gaps.

After all the eggs were applied, I went back outside and stuffed some more moss in between the eggs using the spray adhesive again.  Finally, I trimmed up the straggly pieces of moss and it was done!

I've seen where people have added a little bird or something on top, but I never found one that I quite liked and I didn't think it really needed it, so I called it a day!

Happy Easter decorating!

~ Kerri

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  1. i love the play by play! i'm sooo not DIY, but you make it look do-able! THANKS!


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