Monday, March 24, 2014

Easter Egg Craft

This weekend I have been creating so much for my Etsy shop, that I almost forgot about my blogging! The other day I was at Hobby Lobby (well that's about everyday) and saw some craft Easter eggs and I thought they would be fun to decorate...since I can't find any of my Easter stuff! So I threw them in the basket (contemplating if I should get them or not). The reason I threw these in the basket was, I saw this post on my friend's Facebook page. When I saw those eggs, I thought that I could maybe try using scrapbook paper instead of an old book (I don't have any old books). 

So, I did and here is the outcome:

It was fairly easy to put together, the hardest part was getting the Mod-Podge all over my hands and not being able to touch anything else! 

Here is what you will need:
Paper Craft Easter Eggs
Scrapbook Paper
Distress Ink
What you will need to do, is cut your scrapbook paper into 1/8-1/4 inch strips. I used the smaller (4x6 papers, so I just cut it the length to make it around the egg). After that, apply the Mod-Podge to the egg (a little section at a time) and then put your paper on it (see below pictures). It really is that simple! This might be a fun craft to do with your kids. That is...if you don't mind a mess!
When the Mod-Podge was dry, I used sandpaper to rough it up a bit and then I applied my distress ink. I basically used the same method as I did with my Christmas stocking initials

When I was finished distressing it, this is what it looked like:
I thought it turned out pretty cute and shabby...the way I like things! 
If your kids are on Spring break this week here is a fun and simple craft to do with them. 

I will be sharing that adorable little bunny tag next week on the blog, so stay tuned!
Happy Creating!

P.S. Here is a little something I created for my Etsy shop! Hop on over to see some Easter items as well (just click on the tab at the top of the blog).

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