Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Master Bathroom Transformation

As I have shared with you in previous posts about my is old! So today I want to share with you our Master Bathroom transformation.  You won't believe your eyes when you see this, well you might since you have seen (the transformation of) my kitchen and living room. 
I won't keep you in suspense any longer...
 Is that hideous or what?  We basically took everything out except the bathtub (it was in pretty good shape). The vanity was very low...I am not very tall and I had to bend down to brush my teeth, so it had to go!  We took the tile off of the wall for the shower and my husband and his dad put new tile in the shower and laid it on the floor as well.

The below photos are the finished product!  
 We chose to put bead board on the walls, because when we took out the vanity...well let's just say the drywall came with it.  We didn't have the skills to put new drywall up, so we came up with that solution. I really do like the way it turned out.  I painted it a cream color and then put a glaze on it. We also decided to go with single vanities so we would have our own space!  I am a bit of a slob when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Sometimes I even use Craig's side! 
 The ceiling had a soffit with fluorescent lighting.  When we (I should say when my husband) took it down, it left a we covered that mark with a piece of barn wood (that I dry brushed with the cream paint).  Then we hung the lighting on it.  This is one piece that I absolutely love in my bathroom.
This last picture is a close up of the vanity.  I will slowly share with you the other parts of my house. Right now my spare bedrooms are torn apart, so I am trying to decide how I want to put them back together.  I have just shut the doors and forgotten about them for now.
I hope you enjoyed my bathroom tour!
Have a blessed day!

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