Friday, March 14, 2014

Shamrock Door Hanger

Since St. Patty's Day is on Monday, I thought that I would share a little something I whipped up for a friend of mine! I have made the owl door hangers, the heart door hangers, and now I (was asked) to make a shamrock door hanger.

So, here it is:
I didn't have a pattern to use, so as usual...I made one with tissue paper. It was pretty easy, I just had to make sure it was proportioned. It took a couple of tries. I cut the green fabric the size of the pattern, then set it on the burlap and cut that about 1/4" bigger (just like the other 2 door hangers).
After, you have them cut out, you sew the 3 pieces together and leave an opening so you can stuff it. 
The first time I made a mistake, because I left the stem open and it was too hard to stuff. So I had to close it up and open up a little more of the shamrock part. Stuff the shamrock to the puffiness you want it and then sew the opening together to complete it. When you are finished with the shamrock you need to add the wire to hang it.  I poked it through the top of the burlap and brought it up and twisted it back around itself (see owl tutorial).

  Like the heart door hanger I used tea dyed tags (to embellish them) and I stamped 'lucky' on them. Then I added ribbon and pinned them to the shamrock.  
This is a quick and easy project for a cute little St. Patty's Day fun!
Have a BEAUTIFUL Friday (I know I will)!

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