Friday, March 21, 2014

DIY Garden Tags

Happy Spring!!!  It's officially here and I'm so excited.  Although, here in California we didn't have much of a winter, I'm happy that season is over because that means it's time to plant my garden!!
This year I simplified it and only planted what I knew we would eat.  I planted tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumbers, along with my herbs: parsley, chives and basil. And, every garden needs some easy and cute signs so you know what you planted!
You have no idea how easy it was to make these, so let me share it with you...

I found these small wood signs at Michaels for .29 and I painted them with chalkboard paint I already had.

I then took my white oil-based Sharpie (my chalkboard pen was thicker than I liked) and designed them.

Next, I grabbed some popsicle sticks and hot-glued them to the signs.

I added a little twine bow to dress it up and stuck it in the ground!
So easy and they turned out pretty cute!
Happy planting!
~ Kerri 

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