Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BFF Keychains & Necklaces!

Today I want to dedicate my post to my Best Friend, Tabatha!  We met 6 years ago.  She was the  'Reading Assistant' in my classroom when I started teaching!  We basically hit it off immediately!  It was so nice to work with someone you have a lot in common with and just plain enjoy spending time together!  We both learned quickly that we shared the love of crafting, baseball, and volleyball!  After working together for 3 years our school district had budget cuts and I lost my 'Reading Assistant', but I didn't lose my BEST FRIEND!  We were devastated that we would no longer get to spend 5 days a week together!  So we made a pact, that we would get together no matter how little the time would be.  Over the years we have had great times...sad times...stressful times... &...happy times!!!  We have cried on each other's shoulders when needed and poked fun at one another (both laughing of course) just because we know we can!

So with all of that said...onto the post!

A couple of weeks ago Tabatha saw a keychain on Very Jane, it was a BFF one!  Of course when she saw the keychain she text me and said...we have to make one!  We met at Hobby Lobby, which is our favorite place in town, but not without taking a detour to Sonic to get our 'Dirty Diet Coke' (see my Drinks Pinterest Board). After we had our drinks in hand we entered Hobby Lobby, where we found the necklaces, hearts, key chains, and the eyelets to attache the charms with.  We didn't find everything there, so we headed to Michael's and found the cute little bird charms!  
The metal stamp letters are Tabatha's husbands!  I am not sure where he got them...he has had them for a long time!

Tools needed:  Hammer, Tape, Metal Stamps

The method is basically the same as the Vintage Spoons that I posted for our first post!  Pretty put the tape where you want to stamp the letters, then you stamp away!  I finally figured out that you need to tap the stamp twice, but not too hard; just enough to make the indention of the letter!

TA-DA!  The finished product!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of Tabatha attaching the charm to the necklace or the keychain!  But for that step, you need a pair of needle nose pliers (or your teeth, like Tabatha) to attach the charm to the chain!

Now we both have a necklace and keychain to remember we are loved by our BFF!

Here we are being our silly selves at Madi's (my daughter) graduation party!  I love you Tabatha Sackett and thanks for being my BFF (even when I am rude sometimes)!


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