Monday, August 19, 2013

Gift Wrapping

There must be something in the water here because everyone is pregnant, including myself, so needless to say, I have been attending (or throwing) baby showers!  With all the cute gift bags and wrapping paper I could have bought, I decided to change it up and did my own thing!
The gift I picked out for this particular shower was quite large, so it would have taken a lot of wrapping paper, but luckily, I had enough brown wrapping paper to fit it.
I had made some burp clothes and baby blankets using this pink & white polka dot material, so I figured I would use the scraps to add color to my wrapping; plus it was a baby girl shower. I had the twine and using a little glue from my glue gun, I wrapped it around the gift. I purchased the flower and stuck it through the material to give it a little pop!

Here is a picture of the back.  Since I didn't think the glue from my glue gun would hold the material, I decided to just tie it...good thing it was stretchy!
So, whether you are attending a baby shower, birthday party or anything where a gift is to be brought, creating your own wrapping is always fun and everyone seems to love it!
~ Kerri

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