Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Closet Transformation

As mentioned a few posts back, our niece, Julie's daughter, moved in with us a little over a month ago (see this post)  So, in making room (also see this post), we had to expand our bedroom closet to fit my husband's clothes, which had been in the Guest Bedroom closet. 

 Our home was built in 1951, and for some reason, they didn't need big closets then, nor large openings to access the closet, so in order to make room, we expanded the opening to extend the full width of the closet....

My husband isn't an electrician, but he sure is an electrical genius!

And he's an amazing handyman who installed the new frame around the closet and did all the patchwork!

I, although 6 months pregnant, painted the inside of the closet as well as the frame to make it look nice & clean. Then, my handyman installed our new closet system. We went with ClosetMaid ShelfTrack 6 ft.- 8 ft. Closet Organizer Kit with Shoe Shelf  because we felt it gave the most storage options without breaking the budget.

The 'Move-In' (sorry for the blurry photo) 

The final touch was to be the curtains, which I bought at IKEA for $28 and the curtain rod at Anna's Linen's for $12.

The curtains needed to be hemmed a bit, but I still left them long enough to puddle.
I love the easy-access of my new closet & the best part is that both mine and my husband's clothes fit!

~ Kerri

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