Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Love You Because....

Like most of us couples out there, we get busy with our day-to-day lives and forget to take the time to tell one another why we love the other, so when I came across this idea, I thought how perfect for my husband & I to share little notes once in a while
What a great idea, right?! And the beauty of it was this it only cost me the frame!!
Off to Ross I went to purchase this frame.... 
I spent a whoop'n $7.99 (plus tax)!!!

I removed the matting and flipped the paper inside so it was just a white background. Then using my Cricut, I measured the size of the letters & heart I wanted and cut them out using vinyl. A step I didn't take a photo of is one you will always want to use when placing words on something....make a straight line so your words are straight! You can do this by using tape (and a ruler if you are extra detailed!!)
Once the vinyl was place on the outside of the glass, I tied some ribbon on it, hung it and grabbed a dry-erase marker (I used red, but you can use any color you want) & wrote my first note, "You Put Up With Me!"
Since the sign has been hung, we have passed messages back and forth to one another, sometimes leaving the previous note up for nostalgic purpose! It's been a lot of fun!
You can always do this with a roommate, parent, child or sibling! It's always nice to hear what you mean to someone else, especially when you don't have the time to tell them verbally!!
Now your turn to create it!
~ Kerri

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