Monday, August 12, 2013

Guest Bedroom Turned Dorm Room

  About a month ago my husband and I (Julie) became 'Empty Nesters'.  Our baby, Madi, moved in with  her Uncle Brent and Aunt Kerri (and cousin Eliana) in California to attend Baking School.  This is an arrangement we had talked about for over a year and Brent and Kerri were gracious enough to allow Madi to live with them. This meant we were going to have to change Kerri's craft room/office/guest bedroom into a 'dorm room.'  Madi wanted it to have a dorm feel, since her school didn't offer actual dorms, so we got her a new desk and a few other things to accomplish that task.

Here is the transformation:
Kerri's Craft Room/Office/Guest Bedroom

The armoire is still in the room, just in a different spot and Madi changed the knobs.  The knobs you see in this picture are the knobs that Kerri used on her 'New Computer Desk' (see post here).
These are the knobs Madi chose at Hobby Lobby & the hamper was from The Container Store, with the exception of the liner.  I made the liner and was going to have a tutorial, but that didn't go so there is the picture with NO tutorial because of the issues I had with the darn thing!

The shelves are from Madi's room at home.  A 'dorm room' wouldn't be complete without photos of friends and family!

The bulletin board was another item brought from home.  We changed the fabric and ribbon to match her new colors.  The filing cabinet was from IKEA.  Madi and I put it together...I have to say this is one of my favorites in her new room.  

The desk was another IKEA find and it cost us around $50.  The legs and the table top can be sold separately, which allows you to personalize the style you want.  The table top was on sale for only $6 and the legs were $12.50 each.

All Finished!
We were very pleased with how Madi's 'dorm room' turned out and she loves living with her Aunt, Uncle, & cousin!

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